MarTech Breakthrough Award Categories

Recognizing the best companies, technologies, products and services in the field of Sales, Advertising & Marketing Technology around the globe.


Marketing Automation

Best Marketing Automation Platform for SMB

Best Marketing Automation Platform for Enterprises

Best Marketing Performance Management Solution

Marketing Automation Innovation Award

Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform

Best Overall Marketing Automation Company


Content Marketing

Best Graphic Design Software

Best Content Writing Service

Best Interactive Content Platform

Best Content Sharing Platform

Best Content Performance Management Solution

Best Content Personalization Software

Best Marketing Resource Management Platform

Best Overall Content Marketing Software

Best Overall Content Marketing Company


Event Management

Best Overall Event Management Platform

Event Management Innovation Award

Best Event Management Mobile App

Best Overall Event Management Solution Provider



Best Overall Website Building Platform

Best Overall Web Hosting Service

Best E-Commerce Web Platform

Best Web Analytics Solution

Best WordPress Plugin

Best Content Management Platform

Best Overall Web Content Management Solution



Best CRM Solution for SMBs

Best CRM Solution for Enterprises

CRM Software Innovation Award

Best Overall CRM Solution

Best Overall CRM Company


Conversion Optimization

Best Campaign Landing Page Platform

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Solution

Best Overall Conversion Optimization Solution


Email Marketing

Best B2C Email Marketing Solution

Best B2B Email Marketing Solution

Email Marketing Innovation Award

Best Overall Email Marketing Company


Video Marketing

Best Video Hosting Solution

Best Video Editing Software

Best Live Video Marketing Solution

Best Overall Video Marketing Company


Search Engine Marketing

Best PPC Optimization Platform

Best SEO Platform

Best Overall SEM Solution



Best Video Advertising Platform

Programmatic Marketing Innovation Award

Best Programmatic Marketing Platform

Best Geolocation Platform

Best Behavioral Targeting Platform

Best Display Advertising Platform

Best Advertising Measurement Platform

Best Ad Analytics Solution

Best Digital Ad Network

AdTech Innovation Award

Best Overall AdTech Solution

Best Overall AdTech Company



Best Contract Management Software

Best Online Meeting Software

Best Sales Proposal Software

Best Sales Forecasting Solution

Best Price Optimization Solution

Best Lead Management Solution

Best Sales Enablement Software for SMBs

Best Sales Enablement Software for Enterprises

Best Overall Sales Enablement Software Solution

SalesTech Innovation Award

Best Overall SalesTech Company


Social Media

Best Social Media Monitoring Software

Best Social Listening Solution

Best Social Media Analytics Platform

Best Social Media Distribution Software

Best Overall Social Media Management Platform


Public Relations

Best Press Release Distribution Company

Best Media Monitoring Solution

Best Media Outreach Platform

Best Overall Software Solution for Public Relations


Influencer Marketing

Best Influencer Marketing Management Platform

Influencer Marketing Innovation Award

Best Influencer Marketing Company


Loyalty and Referral Marketing

Best Overall Referral Marketing Platform

Loyalty Marketing Innovation Award

Best Overall Loyalty Marketing Platform


Conversational Marketing

Best Marketing Bot Solution

Best Call Management Solution

Best B2B Lead Generation Service

Conversational Marketing Innovation Award

Best Overall Conversational Marketing Solution

Best Overall Conversational Marketing Company


Mobile Marketing

Best Location Based Marketing Platform

Best Mobile Messaging Based Marketing Solution

Mobile Marketing Innovation Award

Best Mobile Marketing Platform

Best Overall Mobile Marketing Solution

Best Overall Mobile Marketing Company


Data, Analytics & Intelligence Tools

Best Contact Database Solution

Best Customer Data Platform

Best Contact Database Company

Best Predictive Analytics Solution

Best Data Visualization Solution

Best Marketing Insights Platform

Best Interaction Data Analytics Solution

Best Overall Marketing Analytics Solution


Customer Experience

Best Customer Experience Management Solution

Best Customer Experience Management Platform

Customer Experience Innovation Award

Customer Experience Innovator of the Year

Best Customer Experience Management Company


Performance Marketing

Best Performance Marketing Solution

Performance Marketing Innovation Award

Best Performance Marketing Company


Account Based Marketing

Best Account Based Marketing Platform

ABM Innovation Award

Best Account Based Marketing Solution

Best Account Based Marketing Company


Campaign Management

Best Marketing Campaign Management Solution

Best Marketing Campaign Management Platform

Marketing Campaign Management Innovation Award

Best Marketing Campaign Management Solution Provider


Cookieless Marketing

Best Cookieless Marketing Solution

Best Cookieless Marketing Platform

Cookiless Marketing Innovation Award


Marketing Leadership

Best Digital Asset Management Platform

Best MarTech No-Code Solution

Best Marketing Attribution Solution

Best Team Collaboration Software

Best MarTech Company CEO

Best Use of AI in MarTech

Best MarTech Startup

Best Overall MarTech Solution

Best Overall MarTech Company


Artificial Intelligence

AI Innovation Award

Best AI-Powered Creative Solution

Best AI-Powered Writing Solution

Best AI-Powered Video Marketing Solution

Best AI-Powered Content Marketing Solution

Best AI-Powered Sales Solution

Best AI-Powered Advertising Solution

Prepare Your Nomination Today!

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards competition is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing publicly available products and services.

To be eligible, an entry must have been produced or updated after March 1, 2020 (2-year window).

Submission Period: March 14 – May 13, 2021

Complete and submit for your entry online by May 13, 2022. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted.

You may submit the same product in multiple categories.